Here We Go!

When we started CanTeach, we had no idea what would become of it, let alone what would become of the internet!  Way back in 1998, I had jumped into my first teaching position in a remote community.  I was teaching a K/1 class and, because I was the only K and 1 teacher at the school, I decided to start a website that could connect me with other teachers.  I was surprised to see that many, from all around the world, were anxious to share their resources with me and get them published on the internet so more teachers could access them.  Because of CanTeach I have met many caring, supportive, and creative teachers.

Since 1998, a lot has changed.  Unfortunately for CanTeach, life took over, we moved 5 times,  I changed positions and taught in many different areas from  Adult Education to Kindergarten, I completed my Masters, we bought a house that needed a complete overhaul, I became a Vice Principal, and we had two children who are now 4 and 1.

Despite the lack of updates to the website, I assure you that not a week went by without one of us thinking about ways that we could make CanTeach better.  I am sorry to those dedicated CanTeach visitors who over the years emailed us to let us know about broken links and submissions.  If you didn’t hear a response back from us, now you know why.

Now we are ready.  James is staying at home now and can focus on the technical side of CanTeach (when he’s not playing house husband), just like he did when we first started. We are bursting with excitement at the future of CanTeach.  A blog that allows us to share celebrations of learning and to write about current educational issues is the first step of the many changes ahead.

We appreciate you visiting and look forward to providing you with engaging, creative, fun, and best of all, free resources that you can use to continue to be the fabulous teachers that you are!   As before, we would love to hear from you about your ideas of what you would like on the site as well as any questions you may have… and this time we promise to write back!

Thank You,
Iram and James