Owl Babies

by Martin Waddel

Sarah, Percy, and Bill woke up one night to find that their “Owl Mother was GONE.” As they worry about what she would be doing, when she’ll be back, and the frightening things that are awake around them they move closer and closer to each other to feel better. Suddenly Mother does appear, she swoops to her children and reminds them that she’ll always come back. Martin Waddel has written a sweet and comforting story that assures us all that family will always be there when things get a little scary.

Make Owl Puppets – What you need:

  • paper lunch bags
  • brown, white, black, and yellow construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors

What to do:

Place the paper bag on a table with the fold over facing you. Make owl feathers by ripping strips out of construction paper. Glue the strips, overlapping each other, on the owl’s head (flap) and body. Cut out, and add eyes, a beak, wings and feet from construction paper.