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Wool is found naturally on Sheep. It is harvested with the use of the Shears. Alternatively, a block of White Wool can be crafted from String dropped from Spiders (see recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

White Wool is used as a decorative building block, to craft White Carpet, a Bed, or a Painting.

If you require a large supply of Wool it would be most efficient to Breed Sheep.

Drops / Yields

A sheared Sheep drops between 1 and 3 blocks of wool. A killed sheep drops one block of wool. Lambs do not produce harvestable wool.


Wool is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Only White Wool can be colored after it has been sheared. Colored wool cannot be reverted to white or changed to other colors. White Wool can be crafted into the following colors through the use of Dye:



Four Spider Strings can be crafted into one block of White Wool.

Wool (white)

Additionally, Bone Meal can be crafted with White Wool to produce, erm, White Wool. The result does not change the nature of the White Wool and cannot be performed with colored blocks of wool to dye them white. The intent of this particular crafting recipe is unclear at this point.

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