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Location / Appearance

Villagers are a non-player character (NPC) that you encounter in and around Villages.

There are a variety of different Villager types, each initially found in their respective dwellings. The different Villager types include:

Wears purple robe.
Villager Priest

Wears black apron.
Villager Blacksmith

Wears white apron.
Villager Butcher

Wears brown robe.
Villager Farmer

Wears white robe.
Villager Librarian

Usage / Purpose

Villages typically contain a variety of buildings depending on which Villager types are present, some of which have specific purposes and some of which have Chests.

A Library house contains Bookshelves. A Church Tower is made out of Cobblestone and is a good vantage point to view the surrounding area or hide-out after night-fall. As well, there is often a Blacksmith whose hut will have a Furnace and Chest which sometimes contains Iron Ingot and Ink Sac.


Villagers are available in both Survival Mode (as a naturally spawning creature), or in Creative Mode as a Spawn Villager Egg.

Villagers make distinctive noises, as though their language consists of hmmming sounds. At this point they have limited AI (artificial intelligence) and do not trade with you.

There is no Barrista Villager at this time as there is no Village Coffee Shop.

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