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Minecraft (Pocket Edition)


Iron Sword

The above image is an example of an Iron Sword.


Tools are obtained through Crafting (see example recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

Each Tool has a specific purpose. The primary use of a Sword is as a weapon against various hostile mobs (Creepers, Zombies, Spiders, etc). A Sword is also useful to cut down Cobwebs.

Axes are most useful for cutting trees and other wood objects (such as breaking down a crafting table, fencing or wooden planks).

Hoes are most useful for tilling soil to both potentially harvest seeds and to prepare it for planting new Seeds.

Pickaxes have the ability to mine a wide range of Ores and Rocks.

Shovels are capable of mining dirts, sands and snow, with varying degree of durability

Shears are used to clip and obtain various plant life, as well as to Shear Sheep.


Like all tools and weapons, Swords require one inventory slot each.


The following is a list of how many uses you can get out of each tool type, depending on the material it is constructed from:


Iron Sword

The above is an example of an Iron Sword recipe, crafted from two Iron Ingots and one Stick.

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