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Sand is one of the most abundant ground-level building blocks of Minecraft, along with Grass Block and Stone. It is obtained by breaking the block with any object (or your hand). The most efficient method of gathering Sand, however, is with any Shovel.

Usage / Purpose

Despite its abundance, Sand has a small variety of uses. It is part of the following crafting recipes:

Drops / Yields

Each block of Sand yields one Sand unit.


Sand is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Both Sand and Red Sand are interchangeable.

Sand is an excellent growth medium for Dead Bush and Sugar Canes.

Like Gravel, Sand is subject to gravity. This makes it prone to cave-ins. When caving near upper layers be cautious about sticking Torches to Sand blocks as it can trigger a collapse of Sand. Additionally, be careful about placing Torches or any other block on top of Sand near a cave entrance as it can cause the ground to collapse if there is a cavity beneath it.

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