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Baked Potato

Baked Potato


Potatoes are obtained either by growing them or by borrowing them from a Village garden. They can also be sometimes gained as a drop from defeated Zombies. These Potatoes are turned into Baked Potatoes by cooking them in the Furnace.

Usage / Purpose

Potatoes are used a food source, either uncooked (restoring .5 health point) or as a Baked Potato (restoring 3 health points). They are also planted to produce further potatoes.

Potatoes can also be used to breed Pigs. If you hold a Potato in your hot bar any nearby Pig will be drawn towards you, which is useful if you are trying to bring a Pig into your fenced in farm.

Drops / Yields

Each Potato plant yields up to three Potatoes for further Baking.


Baked Potatoes are stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Potatoes are grown by tilling the soil with a Hoe, and then tapping the Potato on the tilled spot. Bone Meal can be applied to the plant to accelerate growth.


Baked Potato Recipe

Potatoes can be baked in the Furnace in order to increase their nutritional value.

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