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Pigs are found throughout Minecraft. They are a Passive (not hostile) Mob creature. They can be killed with any block, though most efficiently with a Sword.

If you want to lead a Pig back to your ranch or farm you can do so by holding a Carrot, Potato or Beetroot in your hot bar. The Pig will follow you. If you feed any of those foods to two Pigs they will enter Love Mode and spawn a piglet (see Breeding).

Usage / Purpose

Pigs can be used a food source, either uncooked as Raw Porkchops (restoring 1.5 health points) or as a Cooked Porkchops (restoring 4 health points).

Drops / Yields

Each Pig yields up to two Raw Porkchops.


Pigs are available in both Survival Mode (as a naturally spawning creature), or in Creative Mode as a Spawn Pig Egg.


Cooked Porkchop Recipe

Raw Porkchop can be cooked in the Furnace in order to increase its nutritional value.

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