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The above image is an example of a Diamond Ore.


Ore is found by mining. While some Ores, such as Iron Ore and Gold Ore are collected in Ore form and are further refined into ingots, some Ore drops the end item (eg Coal).

The following Ore types are available:

Usage / Purpose

Ores and their deposits have a variety of uses. Lapis Lazuli is used as a dye and as a decorative block. Redstone is used in various recipes including Powered Rails. Coal is used for Torches and as Fuel in the Furnace. Diamond, Iron and Gold are used for Tool making. Emerald, the least useful of all, can be crafted into decorative blocks.

Drops / Yields

Each Ore typically drops one Ore block. Coal, Lapis Lazuli and Redstone drop a refined version of themselves.


Ores and minerals are stored in stacks of up to 64 units. Ores can also often be stored in blocks. There are two main reasons to create a blocks of ores and minerals. First, it is a very compact method of storage. Typically you store up to 64 ingots or units per inventory slot. When the item is turned into a block you can stack 64 blocks worth, which is 576 units per inventory slot. The second reason is to use them as entirely decorative blocks.

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