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Mycelium is a block that grows naturally in the Mushroom Island Biome. Mycelium can not be directly obtained and any attempts to mine the block only yield Dirt (much like Podzol).

Usage / Purpose

Mycelium is a home to Giant Brown Mushroom and Giant Red Mushroom, as well as Mooshrooms. Mushrooms will grow on Mycelium in any light level.

Drops / Yields

When mined either by tool or hand, Mycelium drops one block of Dirt.


Mycelium spreads to dirt blocks around it within a few minutes. The top layer of Mycelium cannot be tilled with a Hoe. An interesting visual element to Mycelium is that it appears to release small purple pixels spores (say that 10x fast).

Incredibly aggressive, Mycelium will even spread to grown on dirt blocks completely submerged under water.

Mycelium cannot be created by crafting.

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