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Melon Slice

Melon Slice


Melon Slices are obtained by breaking a Melon that you have either found growing naturally or farmed from Melon Seeds.

Usage / Purpose

Melon Slices are used as a source of food, restoring health points.

Drops / Yields

Each Melon drops several Melon Slices, the number seeming to be dependent on plant maturity and proximity to water.


Melon Slices are stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Melon Recipe

Melon can be grown, but it can also be generated back into its original form from nine Melon Slices. This is particularly useful if you smashed a bunch of Melons before your big party but then realized you wanted an unsmashed Melon to impress your guests with. Or if you require compact storage of an absurdly excessive inventory of Melon Slices.

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