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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is obtained through mining Lapis Lazuli Ore, found underground at deep levels in a variety of biomes. It is often located around the same depth as other rare ores such as Diamond Ore or Redstone Ore.

Usage / Purpose

The main uses for Lapis Lazuli is for creating decorative Lapis Lazuli Blocks for building, or as a blue dye. It can be used to dye Sheep, Blue Wool and Blue Stained Clay.

Drops / Yields

One Lapus Lazuli Ore typically drops at least four units of Lapis.


Lapis Lazuli is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Lapis Lazuli is the only ore used as a dye.


Lapis Lazuli Recipe

Lapis Lazuli can also be obtained by reducing a pre-existing Block of Lapis back into ore form.

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