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Gravel is a common block found both above and below ground. It is most effectively mined using any type of Shovel.

Usage / Purpose

The main use for Gravel is to obtain Flint (see below).

Drops / Yields

When Gravel is mined there is a ___ % chance that it will drop Flint. The remainder of the time it will drop one unit of Gravel. By re-placing the block and re-mining it repeatedly you increase the chance that you will extract Flint from it.


Gravel is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Gravel, like Sand, is subject to gravity. When a block or Torch is placed on or beside loose Gravel (nothing beneath it) then it will collapse. If you are standing below the stack of Gravel you will be stuck and lose health points for every moment that you continue under the cave-in.

One method of getting out of a cave-in is to keep food, such as Carrots, in your hot bar and eating the food while in the cave-in, as opposed to trying to dig your way out with a shovel. If you have enough food you will end up both increasing your health and smashing all of the caved-in Gravel.

There are no crafting recipes which require Gravel.

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