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Golden Chestplate

Golden Chestplate


A Golden Chestplate is obtained by Crafting Gold Ingot (see recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

All Armor provides varying degrees of protection against all kinds of damage. Each piece of Armor provides additional protection, as shown in the Armor bar at the top of the screen. The only way to receive full protection is with Diamond Armor.

Each type of Armor provides varying degrees of protection. Here is a list of Armor from most to least protective:


Armor is not stackable in the inventory, and each piece takes up one inventory slot. If you select the armor tab and put the armor on (by clicking on each piece) then the armor is worn and no longer takes up space in your inventory.


A complete set of any Armor type requires 24 of that resource. For example, if you want complete Golden Armor you will require a total of 24 Gold Ingots. It is possible, however, to wear only partial Armor and build a complete set over time as the resources come available.


Golden Chestplate

A Golden Chestplate is crafted using eight Gold Ingots.

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