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A Furnace is created through crafting Cobblestone (see recipe below). Furnaces are also found in the Blacksmith's shop in some Villages.

Usage / Purpose

The Furnace is used to smelt, bake or reduce materials. It is a requirement for creating a lot of materials in the game. Throughout this guide it is indicated whether or not a Furnace is required for the topic at hand.

The Furnace has three inventory slots. The top one is for materials that you want transformed. The bottom is for the Fuel. The right hand side is where your transformed material will be output. You click on these to add/remove materials.


Furnaces cannot be stacked and require one inventory slot each.


Along with the Crafting Table and the Stonecutter, the Furnace is one of the three critical pieces for any Minecraft workshop. In real life the Furnace is a less essential and not entirely practical investment - you are probably better off buying your glass blocks and cactus green from a shop.



A Furnace is crafted from six Cobblestone, yielding one Furnace.

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