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The above is an image of an easy to obtain food item, the Carrot.


Food is obtained through a variety of methods. If you stumble upon a Village garden you can borrow Carrots and Potatoes. These same foods can also be sometimes gained as a drop from defeated Zombies.

Some Food is only obtainable through slaughtering animals. If you are a vegetarian it is often possible to find adequate alternative plants sources of food in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft.

Usage / Purpose

All food restores Health Points (Hearts). These available Food types restore the following Health Points:

Food can also be used to attract animals to follow you, as well as to encourage them to breed with each other. In the example of Pigs, if you hold a Carrot, Beetroot or Potato in your hot bar any nearby Pig will be drawn towards you, which is useful if you are trying to bring a Pig into your fenced in farm. If you then touch and hold on the Pig it will enter Love Mode. If you place two Pigs in Love Mode they will Breed and produce a baby Pig.

Drops / Yields

Each Food type provides a varying amount, depending on its specifics. See each above Food for more details.


Although most food types are stored in stacks of up to 64 units, Stew and Soup are not (because each Bowl requires one inventory slot). This makes them both hearty sources of food but inefficient for travel.


When growing food its growth can often be accelerated by the application of Bone Meal. For example, Carrots are grown by tilling the soil with a Hoe, and then tapping the Carrot on the tilled spot. Bone Meal can be applied to the plant to accelerate plant growth to maturity.

Some foods, like Carrots, are eaten raw and are not currently used in any crafting recipes. Other foods, like Pumpkin, Cookie and Cake, can only be turned into Food through crafting with other ingredients.

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