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A Fence is Crafted from Sticks (see recipe below). Fence is also naturally found in Villages, used as vertical supports in torch lamp posts.

Usage / Purpose

The primary use of Fence is to keep animals and mobs either in or out. Spiders can climb over Fence. Because you cannot climb over Fence you require a Fence Gate or temporary block (such as dirt) to get past a Fence.

Fence also has many other creative purposes, depending on how you place it. Fence can be stacked into a pole and other items can be placed on top of it, such as Wool (to create lamp posts).

Drops / Yields

A Fence is destroyed with an axe and yields one Fence.


Fence is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


At present Fence appears to be made of Oak regardless of the type of wood used to create it.



Fence is Crafted from six Sticks, yielding two Fence units.

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