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Endermen are found throughout Minecraft. They are a Neutral Mob creature, attacking only if provoked. They can be killed with any block, though most efficiently with a Sword as they are very tough. They are immune to the effects of Bow and Arrow as they teleport and Arrows pass through them.

Endermen spawn everywhere, at all levels, at both day and night. They are perhaps the most pervasive character of the game.

Usage / Purpose

Endermen do not drop anything at this point, and mostly keep to themselves. Do not stare at Endermen or get in their way. They may view these actions as provocations and attack you. Besides their forboding appearing, one distinct element of Endermen is the horrible sounds they are capable of producing.

Drops / Yields

Endermen do not drop anything when eliminated. They do however pick blocks up all of the time and drop them in random places. This can be annoying as parts of your house may disappear over time.


Endermen are available in both Survival Mode (as a naturally spawning creature), or in Creative Mode as a Spawn Enderman Egg.

When Enderman teleport they produce a pink snowflake-like effect around their bodies.

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