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Dirt is the most plentiful block in Minecraft, found in almost every biome both above and below ground. It is also one of the most easily obtained. It can be broken by hand or by tool. The Shovel is the most efficient method to gather dirt.

Usage / Purpose

While Dirt can be used to rapidly create a temporary structure, it is largely ineffective as a building material due to its low blast protection from Creepers.

The primary use for Dirt is for Farming. If the top layer of dirt is removed with a Hoe then various seed types can be planted.

Drops / Yields

When a Dirt block is broken it drops one block of Dirt for reuse.


Dirt is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


If Dirt is placed next to Grass Blocks it will eventually also grow grass.

There are no crafting recipes which require Dirt.

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