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Creepers are found throughout Minecraft. They are a Hostile Mob creature. They can be killed with any block, though most efficiently with a Bow and Arrow or a Sword.

Creepers spawn where light levels are too low or when it becomes night. They are also sometimes found in Dungeons as the result of a Creeper Spawner.

Usage / Purpose

Other than their drops of Gunpowder they are essentially just an unattractive nuisance.

Drops / Yields

When killed they produce Gunpowder (they are the only source of this, used in the TNT recipe). Creepers burn up in direct sunlight.


Creepers are available in both Survival Mode (as a naturally spawning creature), or in Creative Mode as a Spawn Creeper Egg.

Each time a Creeper is hit it shudders and makes a burning-fuse sound. If the Creeper does this for a prolonged period of time it will explode. If you hit a Creeper with an object or Sword it is a good idea to strike and back off to allow the Creeper to defuse a bit before striking again.

Creeper Explosion

The above image is an example of an explosion hole after a Creeper detonated.

The Creepers' likeness is immortalized on the Sandstone Chiseled block, if you didn't already grow weary of staring at its nasty face.

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