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A Compass is Crafted from Iron Ingot and Redstone (see recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

When pointing upwards (or traditional North) the needle on the Compass is pointing towards your original Spawn Point in the specific world you are playing. The Spawn Point is the physical place where you began the world you are currently playing. If you build you home base near the Spawn Point then you will always have a useful way to find your way back home.

If you move you home base away from the Spawn Point then you will need to pay attention to where the Compass needle is pointing in relation to your home when you go exploring.


A Compass is not stackable and requires one inventory slot for storage.


Compasses are very useful, but may require some playing around with to become comfortable with. Make some small trips near your home base in order to acquaint yourself with this tool.

Alternatives to using compasses to prevent getting lost include building tall torch-lit monuments or markers, placing Signs, or paying attention to the sun's arc.



A Compass is Crafted from four Iron Ingots and one Redstone, yielding one Compass.

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