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Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans


Cocoa Beans are either harvested from Jungle Trees or Crafted (see recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

Cocoa Beans are used as a Brown Dye (for making Brown Sheep, Brown Wool, and Brown Stained Clay. Cocoa Beans are also an ingredient in making Cookies.

Drops / Yields

Cocoa Beans grow in pods which have three different sizes based on their growth. Small and medium Cocoa Pods yield one Cocoa Bean. A Large (stage 3) Cocoa Pod yields between two and three Cocoa Beans.


Cocoa Beans are stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


There are technically two recipes for crafting Cocoa. The alternative recipe uses Orange Dye, which is also produced from the Dandelion Yellow and Rose Red used in the recipe below. In other words, the two recipes are effectively the same.


Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans can be crafted by using one each of Ink Sac, Dandelion Yellow and Rose Red, yielding two units of Cocoa Bean

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