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Chicken are found throughout Minecraft. They are a Passive (not hostile) Mob creature. They can be killed with any block, though most efficiently with a Sword.

If you want to lead a Chicken back to your ranch or farm you can do so by holding Seeds in your hot bar. The Chicken will follow you. If you feed Seeds to two Chickens they will enter Love Mode and spawn a Chick (see Breeding).

Chicken Breeding

The above image is an example of breeding Chickens.

Usage / Purpose

Chicken can be used a food source, either uncooked as Raw Chicken (restoring 1 health points) or as a Cooked Chicken (restoring 3 health points).

Drops / Yields

Chicken drop Eggs periodically (the internet says every 10 minutes or so, but I haven't confirmed this), which can be used in various crafting recipes. Each killed Chicken yields a Raw Chicken piece and up to two Feathers.


Chicken are available in both Survival Mode (as a naturally spawning creature), or in Creative Mode as a Spawn Chicken Egg.

If you hold a Chicken Egg in your inventory hot bar and then press on a distant object you will throw the Egg. When the Egg cracks against something it has the chance of releasing a live Chicken.


Cooked Chicken Recipe

Raw Chicken can be cooked in the Furnace in order to increase its nutritional value.

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