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A bed is created with a Crafting Table (see below for crafting recipe).

Usage / Purpose

When it is night the bed can be used to fast-forward the player through the entire night and into dawn. The purpose of avoiding night is to avoid all of the dangerous creatures that spawn in the dark.

Players can determine if it is night either through use of a Clock or by watching the movement of the sun. When night time approaches the sky becomes progressively darker and a bright sunset appears.

In order to sleep the bed must be placed on flat ground. Once the bed is placed, the player has to tap on the bed to activate sleep mode. If it is not yet late enough in the evening to sleep, a message appears indicating "You can only sleep at night". If there are hostile creatures nearby a message appears indicating "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby".

Although sleeping skips the night, it does not restore health points.

In multiplayer mode both players must have their own beds and must both be "asleep" to sleep through the night. If only one player sleeps then that player will be in the sleep screen until the other player also sleeps.

Sleeping in bed also has the function of resetting a player's Spawn Point to the last point of sleep. This is useful when travelling as accidental death could otherwise result in a distant respawn point. Note that if you have a Compass it will still point to your original spawn point and not the last place of sleep.

A player can exit sleep prematurely by clicking on the "Leave Bed" button.


Beds are stored in groups of one in the inventory or chest (they are not "stackable"), however you can carry or store more than one bed at a time by using multiple inventory/storage slots.


Beds are also active in Creative Mode (as of release 0.10.0) and will allow the player to skip through the night just as in Survival Mode.



A bed is crafted using three blocks of Wool and three blocks of Wooden Planks.

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