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Seaworld Fact Sheets:

South Australian Whale Centre
The South Australian Whale Centre, Whale Information, South Australian Species, Whale Sighting Reports, School Information, The Whale Information Service (WIS), and Other Whale Sites.
Virtual Whales
Animation and sound clips (plus information) on the feeding behaviour of the Pacific Humpback Whale.
"WhaleNet offers, students and teachers, curriculum resources and support, a source of data for interdisciplinary classroom activities, and interactive informational support through WhaleNet/EnviroNet utilizing telecommunications."
Links to sites on whaling history, Baleens, Humpbacks, Rights, Bowheads, Minkes, Blues, Byrde's, Greys, Killer whales, Sperm whales, Beluga whales, Beaked whales and Narwhals.
Whale Songs
Designed so "instructors and students will learn about cetaceans, gain a better understanding of marine research, and hopefully, find ways that they, too, can help save these great creatures so dangerously close to extinction." Also includes lesson plans.
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Whale-Watching
Links to WWW sites that focus on whales.