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Web Site Building References

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus the Netscape extensions.
"the definitive resource on the HTML-handling capabilities of web browsers."
The Compendium of HTML Elements
a huge list of what HTML tags are compatible with what browsers. indispensable resource.
Free stuff for your webpages!
a ton of info on free stuff to spice up your web site. also has newsletter.
Netpedia Your webmaster development resource site
Reference, Tutorials, CSS, CGI, ASP, JavaScript, dHTML, Java, More...
San Diego Supercomputer Center
"The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is a standard language for describing interactive 3-D objects and worlds delivered across the Internet. The VRML Repository is an impartial, comprehensive, community resource for the dissemination of information relating to VRML."
Setting Up A Web Site For Your School: An On-line Presentation
a guide to getting started building a web site, including tutorials and references.
The 216 Non-Dithering Colors Chart
This chart shows you the 216 colours which will not dither with Netscape.
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
here you can download the most recent HTML specifications and learn the latest in web development.
Web Development: Elements
Considers audience information, purpose statement, objectives list, domain information, and more when building a web-site.
tutorials and resources on design, HTML, stylesheets, graphics and fonts, multimedia, java, javascript, pearl, and more.
WebReference.com (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library
large reference to all your building and technical questions.