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Misc. Water Life

Aquarium du Québec, Sainte-Foy PQ

Aquatic Network
links to aquatic resources organized under the subjects of aquaculture, conservation and education, fisheries, limnology, marine science and oceanography, maritime heritage, ocean engineering, and seafood.
Ask Shamu
Ask Shamu your marine life questions, or search for answers through their index.
British Columbia Creature Page
Information on a wide range of organisms (e.g., Fish, Algae & Plants, Bryozoan & Brachiopods, Bivalves, Gastropods & Polyplacophora, Crabs & Shrimp, Sponges, Worms) that live in BC waters. For each creature, there is a separate page with a picture, its Latin Name, geographic range, SCUBA divers info, and beachwalkers info.
The California Seafood Council
The California Seafood Council (CSC is actively involved in seafood quality, safety and educational programs to inform consumers of tomorrow as well as today about seafood's healthful properties and the care our fisher folk take in providing the nearly 300 species of fish and shellfish harvested in California.
Caribbean Conservation / Sea Turtles Survival League
Information on the dangers, populations and conservation of sea turtles. Also includes a list of related links.
Desert Fishes Council
A map of the world provides the locations of deserts and all the fish found in the waters related to each desert. Information on the fish include links to fish images, maps and more.
Life in the Ocean
Information and photographs displaying a few marine organisms that live in each life zone, and links to additional information.
Oceanography from the Space Shuttle
A pictorial survey of oceanic phenomena visible to the naked eye from space.
Sea and Sky
"Welcome to Sea and Sky, a Web Site dedicated to our last two great frontiers. Come explore the awesome splendors of the Sea, and the endless wonders of the universe."
Sea Turtles
Links to sites on turtle species, effects on humans and nesting sites.

Seaworld Fact Sheets:

Smithsonian Institute - Ocean Planet Educational Materials
A large number of links to educational materials that educators could use in teaching a unit about the ocean. Included are: teacher materials (e.g., lesson plans, teacher guides, articles); fact sheets (e.g., threats to the health of oceans, endangered species); family activities; children's books; film guides, theater scripts and CD-ROMS.
Squid Links (Ocean Planet)
Provides 83 sources and covers different kinds of squid.
"The WhaleClub website serves to increase awareness towards marine mammals and the oceans they live in. Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees are ambassadors of the aquatic community. Their graceful movements, child-like play, and willingness to interact with humans have captured the hearts of individuals around the world...both young and old. We hope the website will become a "gathering place for marine mammal enthusiasts" so that we may all share experiences and learn more about our fragile oceans and the lives they support...including our own."
Wonders of the Seas
This page by The Oceanic Research Group highlights different animals with text and images
World Wide Virtual Library: Oceanography
Links to web resources on oceanography.