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Ask a Volcanologist
Search the index for the answer to your volcaono questions or pose a new question.
Nasa: Volcanoes and Global Climate Change
Information on Volcanoes and Global Cooling, Volcanoes and Ozone Depletion, and Monitoring the Effects of Volcanoes.
Links to sites on plate tectonics, volcanoes around the world, types of volcanoes and volcanic terms
Volcano World
Provides a wide variety of information about volcanoes
Earth's Active Volcanoes
Location, updates, images, and information on active volcanoes in the world, by geographic region.
Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
Provides information about volcanoes to the public. Amongst these pages you will find information about current global volcanic activity, research in remote sensing of volcanoes and their eruptive products, hazard mitigation, "Decade Volcanoes", links to government agencies and research instititions, and even some volcano humor.
Smithsonian Institute: Global Vulcanism Program
"seeks better understanding of all volcanoes through documenting their eruptions--small as well as large--during the past 10,000 years."
Virtual Times: Recent Earthquakes & Active Volcanoes
Maps and figures of recent earthquakes.