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Violence, Crime Prevention

Coroner's Report
Information and resources on gang intervention and prevention, history and identification, warning signs, tips, and descriptions of street gangs.
End Youth Violence
An international organization focused on youth violence prevention through education and awareness. This organization has set up a toll free line as well as information on a variety of topics related to youth violence from "Why Kids Kill?" to "Empowering Youth".
National Crime Prevention Council
The National Crime Prevention Council is an independent, voluntary council of Canadians whose goal is to develop strategies to empower individuals and their communities to improve their safety, security and well-being. In French and English.
Preventing Youth Violence in Urban Schools: An Essay Collection
Articles on gang activity and youth violence.
Taking the Bully By the Horns
A book and web page dedicated to helping children and young teens deal with bullies. Also has links to other sites dealing with the same issue.
Violence Prevention/Reduction
Some of the issues dealt with here are: Tips for Teacher's Safety, Peacebuilders, Interventions for Violent Adolescents, Basic Approaches to Violence, Violence Free Classrooms, Gang Signs and Symbols and more.
Youth Violence and Youth Gangs: Responding to Community Concerns
"This how to manual describes an overview of the issue. the nature and extent of collective youth violence, as well as describing various approaches for mobilizing your community to plan for and respond to youth violence." In French and English, put out by the Department of the Solicitor General of Canada.