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Tech. Ed. Lesson Plans & Teaching Guides

ASPAC - Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres
Of interest to science/tech teachers, this site looks at their projects as well as has a newsletter.
Cable in the Classroom
"This is the online companion for Cable in the Classroom, an initiative by Canada's cable companies and programming services to provide copyright cleared, commercial free, educationally relevant television programming for Canadian schools. We hope this will be a consistently reliable starting point for your exploration of all the programs and Internet resources which are available for Canadian teachers."
Canada's SchoolNet
"Focuses on bringing educators and students together to share educational resources, enhance learning, develop information technology skills, and encourage the use of technology in the classroom."
Center for Media Education
"A national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of the electronic media. CME fosters telecommunications policy making in the public interest through its research, advocacy, public education, and press activities." Specifically, this site includes InfoActive Kids, a quarterly publication "that provides timely information on technological trends as well as a library of recent reports and a listing of key resources"
Child Safety on the Information Highway
A guide for teachers, parents and kids on internet usage and safety.
Classroom Pet Exchange
enables students in grades K-5 to connect with another class and share their experiences through the exchange of a class pet (stuffed animal) through email exchange and journalizing.

ECSITE - European Collaborative for Science, Industry, and Technology

Resources for science/tech teachers including contacts and a listserv.
Electronic Frontier Canada
"Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC) was founded to ensure that the principles embodied in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms remain protected as new computing, communications, and information technologies are introduced into Canadian society."
Email Classroom Exchange
Interact with other classrooms through the internet
Enhancing Thematic Units with Technology
Examples of Software and Web Sites
Girl Tech
Encourages girls to use technology.
Global SchoolNet Foundation
Resources for teachers looking for K-12 technology projects and information.
i-net toolbox: Internet Training
Provides internet, web site publishing, and troubleshooting training for libraries and schools in the Calgary area.
The Internet Advocate
Promote Positive Examples of Youth Internet Use. A resource page for younger children's teachers to counter fears that the Internet is dangerous for young children.
K-5 CyberTrail
Tutorial for elementary teachers who are new to the Internet
Keeping Kids Safe in the World of Technology
Links to online safety guides, software, parent groups, library information and search engines for kids
The Learning Group - math games
Computer math games at various skill levels.
Make It Happen!
Provides an integration of use of the Internet with the interdisciplinary lessons.
National Center for Technology Planning
"a clearinghouse for the exchange of many types of information related to technology planning. This information may be: school district technology plans available for downloading via a computer network; technology planning aids checklists, brochures, sample planning forms, PR announcement forms); and/or electronic monographs on timely, selected topics."
Net Blockers, Filters and the First Amendment
A collection of links about Internet website blocking software (filters) and related First Amendment issues. Also, a section of resources for child online safety.
Online Educator
Dedicated to making the internet an accessible and useful classroom tool. Updated every Monday.
PDF Zone
Downloads, documents, and other resources and information related to .pdf documents.
Tales From the Electronic Frontier
"actual classroom experiences using the Internet in K-12 science and mathematics."
Teaching with Technology
A collection of links related to using electronic technologies in the classroom
Tech Ed. Component K-7 IRP
"The Integrated Resource Package (IRP) combines four key elements of learning to form a functional curriculum overview document. IRPs provide the basic information that teachers will require in order to implement the curriculum. "
Technology Education Special Interest Council
This is a council of technology education teachers. As a Special Interest Council of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association, it concerns itself with a range of professional issues of concern to technology education teachers, and in more recent times with some of technology-specific issues related to using computers and communications tools in all areas of curriculum
Technology Based Learning Network Canada
Links to sites that provide resources for integrating technology in the classroom.
The Technology Coordinator's Home Page
Support and information for "educators who play a leadership role in integrating technology in educational settings"
"An Intro to the Net for Smart Newbies... articles, cheat sheets, and tours that start from the beginning and explain what the Net is, what you can do with it, and how it works."
Welcome to EDC-Centre for children and technology!
"The Center aims to improve education by altering the circumstances of teaching and learning; we do basic, applied, and formative research and technology development."