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New & Substitute Teachers

Beginning Teachers' Toolbox
"Designed by teachers for teachers... New teachers can access an online mentor to answer their questions. It also includes message boards, monthly tips and inspirations for new teachers as well as many other great resources!"
New Math Teachers
"This homepage was created to give new math teachers a few pointers and ideas to help with their teaching."
New Teacher page
Tips for classroom management, and links to sites for lesson plans.
A New Teacher's Survival Guide
Features ideas and suggestions for new primary teachers.
Phil's Place - Substitute Teaching Tips
Tips filling in for the regular classroom teacher.
Responsibilities of a Substitute Teacher
Outlines what is expected of substitute teachers.
Substitute Teaching -Tricks of the Trade
An Online book written by: Mr. Sturgeon, Substitute Teacher; and llustrated by: Keith Gribble
Substitute Teacher Homepage
Includes tips, activities, time killers, wage information, suggestions and quotes.