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Stock Exchange & Investing

Vancouver Stock Exchange
Provides glossaries, links to relevant sites, as well as up-to-date stock info.


Toronto Stock Exchange
Current stock information.
Montreal Stock Exchange
"Would you like to learn more about the Montreal Exchange and the stock market? You are invited to discover the exciting world of the Exchange, its history, its mission, its operations, our FAQ list and many other fascinating subjects. Please note that you can also make arrangements to visit the Exchange. Perhaps you are already familiar with the Montreal Exchange but would like to explore at greater length? You also have access to various other areas including press releases, information on members and listed companies, as well as a complete glossary of terms. And for those who truly hunger for knowledge, the Exchange offers several training programs to complement your understanding of the securities market. You have some experience but want to learn more about the trading floor or are interested to invest at the Exchange? Why not visit our virtual floor, for first-hand information on the markets updated every 15 minutes, a precise market summary and its records."
Winnipeg Stock Exchange
Current stock information.
Alberta Stock Exchange
Current stock information.
The Fund library
"The Fund Library is Canada's most comprehensive Internet site dedicated to the mutual fund industry. Information on all mutual funds sold in Canada is available here...Find over 10,000 pages of general and fund-specific information on all aspects of mutual fund investing."