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Great White Wave Machine
"The purpose of this web site is to generate interest in science by illustrating some of the principles of the wave nature of sound and light." Also has some activities.
Museum of Music Inventions -Tips for Teachers
A unit on sound that combines science with music.
Characteristics, Wave Motion, Velocity, History, Reproduction, Hearing, Design, Acoustics, More information about Ultrasonic, More information about Phonograph, and more.
Sound Experiments and Activities
From Computer as Learning Partner: UC Berkeley.
The Soundry
"The Ear and How We Perceive Sound, The Physics of Sound, Applications of Sound, a Timeline, and the Interactive Sound Lab... provides numerous opportunities for users to learn and explore in the Internet-style. The Soundry is a fun, interactive, and excellent learning tool for people of all ages, and it promotes the knowledge and appreciation of sound."