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Solar Power

El Paso Solar Energy Association
"The purpose of this site is to provide practical information on solar energy and energy efficiency. Whether you're designing or building a new home or need more information on solar water heating or heating a swimming pool we hope you find this information helpful."
Schools Going Solar
A Guide to Schools Enjoying the Power of Solar Energy
Solar Energy
Introduction to solar physics, solar thermal energy, and photovoltaics.
Solar Energy Limited
News and Information, Brochures in PDF Format, Frequently Asked Questions, and more.
The Solar Energy Network - Information
Ask The Solar Energy Network "Brain Trust," create simple & inexpensive solar projects, explore the uses of solar energy, imagine the ways energy from the sun will be used in the future, study the nature of the solar resource itself, and understand how the sun is being harvested today.
The Sun: Man's Friend & Foe
"An interactive web site written to educate the reader about the Sun and how it affects our lives. It presents valuable information about the Sun and its beneficial and detrimental affects on mankind. The major topics cover studies on scientific information on the Sun, the Sun's structure, the Sun's effect on culture, solar energy, and history, as well several others. We have curriculum for teachers to use with our site in their classrooms. This includes, activities, science projects, and ideas for further study. Included is a list of useful books, an internet resource section documenting the resources used to develop this site."
SunWind Solar Educational Notes and Links
"SunWind Solar Educational Notes and Links provide detailed information on solar energy and links to other appropriate sites. As well, there are free plans for building a simple model solar car, and reasonably priced solar car and inventors' kits."