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Misc. Social Studies

Careers in Geography
Information on "Why Study Geography?", "Geography and Careers" and "The Variety of Geographic Fields."
Costume Page
Links to information on costume history organized by historical era.
Cyberspace World Railroad
All sorts of railway info. from around the world.
Discoverers Web
links to www sites with information on voyages of exploration and discovery, including Canada.
DFAIT: Bon voyage, but...
Online booklet given to passport applicants- has lots of useful travel info. including travel tips and important telephone numbers and addresses of Canadian missions around the world.
Early Tibetan Mandalas: The Rossi Collection
A collection of Tibetan Mandalas that includes many photographs
Foreign Language for Travelers
Translations for everyday phrases into dozens of languages.
Geographical Names
Origins of Canada's geographical names.
Guide to Unbiological Species
An alphabetical index to descriptions/explanations of creatures of myth. such as human-animal combinations, elves, spirits, hobgoblins, etc
Heraldry on the Internet
Heraldic materials and information. Search for family name coat of arms by cities or towns, or by one of the many dictionaries. Use the glossaries to identify the various charges and symbols found on coats of arms.
The History Net
Developed by the National Historical Society, a huge archive of informative and articles from U.S. and world history to personality profiles and eyewitness accounts.
Hope - Summer Solstice
The history and traditions of ancient beliefs in the summer solstice.
The Journey North
An annual on-line adventure for students, involving a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.
The Land Mines Web Site
A history of the problem, events, facts, statistical data, names of organizations and related links
Letters Magazine
"Letters Magazine aims to publish interesting correspondence of all kinds. Its pages have reprinted classic letters from well known figures like Abraham Lincoln and Anne Boleyn, but LETTERS also depends on contributions from readers."
Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
"An independent project which seeks to meld the work of photographer and lighthouse enthusiast Donald W. Carter with a comprehensive guide to the lighthouses of Michigan, The Great Lakes, America, and the world."
NOVA Online/Titanic's Lost Sister...
Titanic material and related links.
Paleolithic Painted Cave at Vallon-Pont d'Arc
"Incorporates several very large galleries that accommodate more than 300 paintings and engravings dating to the Paleolithic era (between 32,000 and 30,000 years ago). "This site uses text and images to document this.
Passport Office / Bureau des passeports
Information about the Canadian Passport Office, how to obtain a passport, passports in general, points of service, travel documents for refugees, and lost or stolen passports.
Project Gutenberg
A searchable, virtual library. Contains downloadable classics and more.
Titanic Historical Society
Includes a wide range of information on the Titanic.
Trivia Trek
Social studies trivia
Under The Western Sky
A monthly webzine of Astronomy, History, Weather, and the Outdoors for the Western U.S, plus many links to astronomy and Western resources on the Net. Includes a printable Night Sights calendar of celestial happenings.
Youth Hall of Fame (VYHF)
Stories about kids around the world who have excelled in courage, creativity, enterprise, or service. Also provides an opportunity to communicate with each of them.