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The Belize Zoo - Boa Constrictor
Key Facts, a Quick Time Video, and Photos.
Cobra Information Site
Cobra Information Series, Unique Links, Cobra Pictures, Snakebite Information, Venom Discussion, and more.
An Interactive Guide to Massachusetts Snakes
Information and illustrations of snakes that can be found in Massachusetts as well as a guide on how to identify snakes.
Photo Gallery of Snakes
View photographs of snakes.
Prairie Rattlesnake
Hear the rattling sound of a snake, Dens & hibernation, Snake food, Fangs & venom, Age of a rattlesnake, Snake identification, Precautions in snake country, Striking distance, Snakebite statistics, and Snakebite first aid.
The Python Page
Information about Ball and Burmese Pythons, medical info, links, and FAQ's.
Snake Art, Pictures and graphics, Comics relating to Herpetology, Lots of FAQ's, Articles, Reference, Stories, and Links.
Information and pictures on venomous snakes.