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Skeletal System

Atlas of the Body: Bones & Joints
A frontal diagram of the skeletal system as well as a a little info. on bones and joints.
Atlas of the Body: Skeleton - Side View
A diagram of the skeletal system from the side.
Click The Bones and They Will Speak
Click on a bone and you'll hear the name of it. Covers only the major bones in the skeletal system.
Human Skeletal System
Information on the skeletal system, includes photos and diagrams. (Scenic Heights Elementary School and The University of West Florida Curriculum Project)
A Look Inside the Human Body: Skeletal System
"a closer look at the (skeletal system) of the Human Body and how (it) work(s). This information was designed to be used in conjunction with a Science unit for Year 3 and 4 on the Human Body."
MedMan: Muscular & Skeletal Systems
Information, photos, and diagrams on the muscular and skeletal systems, how they work, and problems that might occur.
Skeletal System
Function, process, and a labeled diagram of the skeletal system.
Skeletal System
Infromation and diagrams on the skeletal system and how joints work.