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Dr. Dave's United Kingdom Pages
An index to many sites in the UK, from guides to London to historical information sites. Includes Government, Travel, Academia, Culture, Employment and more. Also has dozens of pictures, from Churchill to the Royal Family.
Gateway to Scotland
"the definitive source of information about Scotland on the internet."
Historic Scotland
An agency that is responsible for protecting, restoring, and informing people about Scotland's historic buildings. View pictures and historical information at this site.
Ness-Scape, Nessie's Highland Web Site
"provides you with a wealth of information about the Loch Ness area and the Highlands of Scotland. Topics such as the Loch Ness Monster, tourism, sport, festivals and events and many other features are available for you to enjoy."
Robert Burns
The official Robert Burns site.
Scottish Castles
"Produced for you here is a selection of the finest castles of Scotland, from far in the North to the border country." Use your mouse to select a castle and a picture and information about the castle will pop up.
ScotWeb's Scottish History Online Magazine
"In this new section of Scotweb we shall look into the history of Scotland, touching lightly on the pre-history, in detail through the late medieval period, and beyond. Visit us often for new chapters and developments that will be ongoing and in depth."
SCRAN Home Page
The Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network is fully searchable and presents thumbnails freely to all. Education users may become full members and access enhanced materials.
The Tartan Pages
Internet directory for Scotland.
UK Travel Guide
UK A-Z, UK Active Map, and a London Guide.