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Museums, Planetariums, Centres...

Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, Chicago, IL

American Museum of Natural History
Take a tour through parts of its permanent collection and displays and several changing exhibitions. Also includes access to its bookshop, store and lab.
Association of Science-Technology Centers
Resources related to science-technology centers including contact information and behind-the-scenes tours.
BC's Pacific Space Centre
Information on the on-line space center's different program offerings, and find out about the forecast for the night skies for the upcoming month.
Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory
An interactive site where you can view anything you want in the sky.
Canada Science and Technology Museum
The Museum's mandate, to study the "Transformation of Canada," can be broken into sub-themes: Canadian Context; Finding New Ways; How Things Work; and People, Science, and Technology. Has some samples of their collection on line and information about the museum itself.
Canadian Museum of Nature
"Explore our buildings, use our services, and join us in our mission to increase respect for and understanding of nature. "
Canada's National Aviation Museum
A bilingual (French and English) site that has information and photos of hundreds of aircraft with historical and technical info on each. Also contains a glossary of related terms, a number of fun activities for kids, and "School Stuff" which explains the education programs at the museum and gives a number of lesson plan ideas.
Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame
Biographical information on notable people who've made contributtions to Canadian science and engineering.
Chicago Field Museum of Natural History Online
"an educational institution concerned with the diversity and relationships in nature and among cultures."
The Discovery Centre, Halifax NS
Includes a virtual tour, info center, displays, and an ask a scientist feature.
Edmonton Space and Science Centre, Edmonton, AB
Take a virtual tour, or check out their school resources.
Eureka! The Museum for Children
A British site that has many answers to all your science questions.
The Exploratorium, San Francisco
"The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception with over 500 interactive "hands on" exhibits."
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature
Tour through their museum, planetarium, and science centre
The Montréal Biodôme, Montréal PQ
Recreates ecosystems inside of the biodome.
Museum of Science- Exploring Leonardo
Learn about Leonardo da Vinci- scientist, inventor, and artist. Includes lesson plans.

The National Air and Space Museum Web Site, Washington, DC
Ontario Science Centre
Visit their virtual tour for kids.
Questacon, Australia's National Science and Technology Centre
Take a virtual tour through The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra, Australia. Also has related activites for children.
Royal Tyrrell Online Museum
A virtual tour through the 50+ rooms in this Alberta Museum for lots of information on specific dinosaurs as well as the era in which they lived.
St. Louis Science Center
View online galleries in such areas as ecology and the environment, humanity, technology and the space sciences and how each interrelates.
Saskatchewan Science Centre
Information for educators to complement their exhibitions