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"This site introduces some basic concepts of Biology. Because Biology is such a large science, there is still a lot more to come. Right now it has information about Cell Structure, Biochemistry and how things are studied in Biology. Like all the sites, there is a Key Topics section with extra stuff to help you use the site. "
Canada Wide Science Fair
Information on this yearly event.
Charlotte Science Resource Pages Core Page
"The Charlotte Science Resource Pages are designed to assist teachers engaged in teaching curriculum based science topics to K-7 students." Includes resources on energy, sciences, forest ecology and human environments
Simple explanation of chemistry terms as well as fun activities to learn them
FlatFeePatents.com - An Inventor's Resource
Information on inventors do's and dont's, copyright, trademarks, patent applications, etc.
Fun Science Gallery
A collection of science experiments, demonstrations, and machines.
Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive
Part of the Mad Sci site, this areas motto is "Science Should Be Fun. Science Should Be Edible.
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
Free publications, CD-ROMs, and professional development activities for math and science teachers.
Engaging Science
A partnership between the Pacific Space Center, Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium. The site is very extensive with lots of great articles, links and lesson ideas.
The Invention Dimension
Resources, inventor biographies, stories, links and more.
The Lab- Online Science
This site has a wide range of activities and includes papers on science issues.
Let's Talk Science
Programs encouraging hands-on work with science for students and teachers.
Newton's Apple Index
"Here are lessons from the teachers' guides developed for seasons 9 through 15. They are designed to accompany the television show and are also a rich stand-alone resource. "
Project Primary
A set of hands-on activities for the teaching of science organized under the headings of botony, chemisty, geology, physics, and zoology.
School Science Fairs Homepage
"This homepage is designed to aid students in the most difficult aspect of their science fair experience; getting an idea. We have everything from coolinks to information on the Canada Wide Science Fair Canada Wide Science Fair. We have included the listing of many science project ideas and hope to include more in the future."
A Science Fair Project Resource Guide
A resource from Internet Public Library that links kids to resources for their projects.
Science K to 7 Grade Collection Online
"The Integrated Resource Package (IRP) combines four key elements of learning to form a functional curriculum overview document. IRPs provide the basic information that teachers will require in order to implement the curriculum. "
Science K-7 Integrated Resource Package
"The Integrated Resource Package (IRP) combines four key elements of learning to form a functional curriculum overview document. IRPs provide the basic information that teachers will require in order to implement the curriculum. "
Science North
Sciences quizzes and information.
Extensive resources for all the sciences. "ScienceWeb is a science and technology information service for the World Wide Web that focuses on Canadian activities...Our ambitious goal is to present the spectrum of science and technology activities in Canada in a comphrehensive way, highlighting occupations and individuals wherever possible, and to show clearly the thriving science culture in Canada to Canadians and the world." Of particular interest to elementary educators, this site includes mentor projects, virtual science fairs, opportunities for teachers to help each other in a teacher's corner, and links to other sites with relevant information.
Seismology at the Science Fair
Example science fair projects relating to earthqaukes and other resources
Tales From the Electronic Frontier
"actual classroom experiences using the Internet in K-12 science and mathematics."
Whelmers Science Activities
science activities and demonstrations that "whelm" students (as opposed to overwhelming them). They are activities that will spark their curiosity - activities that will catch, for a moment at least, the eye and mind of even the most indifferent student. Each month this site provides 5 new whelmers from a book by Steven L. Jacobs.
The Wild Ones
"an ever-growing network of over 20,000 children, teachers, and conservation professionals in 25 countries around the world. The Wild Ones provides students ages 7 to 14 with an international perspective, opportunities for cooperative science activities, and a positive outlook on their capacity as individuals to improve the prospects for endangered species. " Includes a newsletter.
You Can With Beakman and Jax
Beakman and Jax provide lots of science-related information, pictures, interactive demos, and experiments/activities for kids.
Young Inventors Network
Learn how to contact other student-inventors in other parts of the world.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
"The best place for science entertainment"- VERY kid friendly.