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Respiratory System

American Lung Association
Asthma, Tobacco Control, Air Quality, Diseases A-Z, Advocacy, Data & Statistics, Programs & Events, and much more.
AZM Pulmonology: Respiration
Information and diagrams on The upper respiratory tract, The lower respiratory tract, The respiratory muscles, Work performed by the respiratory muscles, External respiration, Internal respiration, Cellular respiration, Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide, Control of respiration, Pulmonary volumes and capacities, Respiratory disorders, and The effect of smoking.
Body Quest: Respiratory System
A short description of the respiratory system as well as an image.
British Lung Foundation - The Facts Leaflets
"Our award-winning series of information leaflets The Facts are written in plain English and give details about aspects of lung disease and how to live with it. We also publish leaflets on related topics such as exercise, smoking and air pollution. If you would like some of our leaflets, please complete the form beneath and e-mail it to us."
Canadian Lung Association Resources
Covers issues such as asthma, tobacco, the cardio vascular system, and pollution. Also has teaching resources.
Human Respiratory System
Information on the functions and the organs of the respiratory, includes photos, diagrams, and activities. (Scenic Heights Elementary School and The University of West Florida Curriculum Project)
A Look Inside the Human Body: Respiratory System
"a closer look at the (respiratory system) of the Human Body and how (it) work(s). This information was designed to be used in conjunction with a Science unit for Year 3 and 4 on the Human Body."
The Lung Net: Learn About Lung Health
From Australian Lung Foundation, "this section contains fact sheets and illustrations written in non-scientific language, to help you learn more about respiratory diseases and better lung health."
MedMan: Respiratory System
Information, photos, and diagrams on the respiration process, respiratory organs, and respiratory problems.
Respiratory System
Function, organs, process, and a labeled diagram of the respiratory system.
Respiratory System
Infromation and diagrams on the process of respiration as well as the organs in the respiratory system.
Virtual Hospital: Lung Anatomy
Thumbnails of real lungs with information for all the parts of the lungs.