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Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day

The Books of Remembrance
View the names of Canadians who fought in the wars. There are also sections on the History of the Books, Ceremony, Project Overview, Veterans Affairs Canada, and Silver Cross Mother
A Day of Remembrance - Minister of Supply and Services Canada
Why Remember?, Whom do we Remember?, What should we Remember?
Memorial Day
A Memorial Day Prayer, Background, Memorials & Casualty Files, President's Remarks, Writings & Speeches, and Other Memorial Day Pages.
Memorial Day
A short history on the holiday.
Memorial Day
Tribute to Memorial Day with historical facts, activities for kids, links to other sites, and much more.
Neil Benjamin: Remembrance Day , November 11th. and World War One
The Significance of Remembrance Day And Its Origins
Remembrance Day - The Valour and the Horor, Canada at War
"The most complete site on the web about the Second World War and Canada. Over 450 pages of text, photos, maps, etc."
Resources for Remembrance Day
From Queen's Education Library.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Veterans Day
History of Veterans Day, Veterans Day School Kit, Links, and much more.
The Veteran's View
A site mainly for veterans, but has sections on Veteran's Day Timeline and History of Veteran's Day.
Veterans of Foreign Wars - The Origins of Veterans Day
The Origins and Meaning of Memorial Day, Suggested Community Program, VFW Home Page, and VFW 100th Anniversary Site.