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Problem Solving

Fred's Problem of the Week
"Join Fred and all the cast in a weekly math problem solving challenge. Strategies and vocabulary help pages. Submit answers and problems. A fun math site."
"MathMagic is a K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas by Alan A. Hodson. It provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills. MathMagic posts challenges in each of four categories (k-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to trigger each registered team to pair up with another team and engage in a problem-solving dialog. When an agreement has been reached, one solution is posted for every pair. "
Math for Kids - A Medieval Adventure in Problem Solving
"This website was designed by two fourth graders for fourth graders who want to sharpen their math problem-solving skills. If you want to practice word problems (for school or competitions like Math Olympiad or MathCounts)learn how to solve word problems or share word problems you've written this website is for you. We really like medieval history and stories about knights, so that is the theme for all our problems. So travel back in history with us and enjoy!"
Provides a new math problem of the week for grades 1-3, 4-6, and junior high students.
Problem of the Week homepage
For Elementary, Middle Grades, High School, Advanced Math students.
MathMania provides on-line math resources for students, teachers, and the general public with a large focus on problem solving.
Word Problems For Kids
Word problems for students and teachers, classified into grade levels from 5 to 12.

Houghton Mifflin site for Math Brainteasers

Elementary Math Problem of the Week
The name says it all.
Math Problems of the Week
One math problem each week for grades 3 through 6.