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Agriculture for Your Classroom
Learn how a variety of foods are produced
A searchable database of over 7,000 pictures of flowers, plants and garden plants.
From the Ground Up
Here's a teachers' lesson guide on food, agriculture, and sustainable development. There are five on-line lessons: The History of Agriculture and a Description of Sustainable Development; Soil; Agriculture and Chemicals; The Real Cost of Food; and Everything's Connected.
Garden Guides
Tips and Techniques on a wide variety of gardening topics, including: herbs and pregnancy; herbal remedies; succession planting; compost; starting seeds,; cutting flowers; annuals; forcing bulbs; container garding; herb companions; storing vegetables; and much more. They also have guides on herbs, vegetables and flowers.
including forums, looks at gardens of the world, a directory of the Association of Online Growers and Suppliers, a mystery plant contest, an online magazine (The Cyber-Plantsman), a link to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Garden Exchange (a place to post requests for seeds and plants), gardening tips, and links to other gardening www sites.
I Can Garden: Kidz Corner
Articles, activities and links for teachers and kids.
Ithaca Garden Herb Search
Search this herb database by height, width, sun/shade, hardiness, colour, and/or uses.
Kinder Garden
"An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors." also examines: Nutrition in the Garden | Human Issues in Horticulture | Composting for Kids | Aggie Horticulture
Kids and the Classroom
Sponsored by the National Gardening Association, this page is intended for teachers interested in using plants and gardens to enrich learning. Check out their articles, instructional programs, teachers' newsletters, professional development program, and catalog of growing ideas.
Kid's Valley Garden
Lots of information, written for kids, on how to plan, plant, maintain, and show their garden. In addition, students can learn about a variety of specific flowers, veggies, herbs, and shrubs. The site is hosted by the Pakenham Junior Horticultural Society, Canada.
Missouri Botanical Gardents Net
Missouri Botanical Gardens hosts this learning community containing curricular information on biomes (desert,grasslands, temperate/deciduous, tundra, rainforest, taiga), reports from participants in various field trips, and separate learning places for kids, parents and teachers.
Plants and Our Environment
"This web site is about plants. You will learn about how plants grow and the different parts of a plant. We will tell you how seeds travel and what bees do to help plants. At our web site, you will also learn about plants and their relationship with animals. Students and teachers, be sure to check out our page with plant activities."
Rot Web
Info on composting, teacher resources, student handouts and activities.
School Gardens
Information, resources, and links for starting and operating school gardens.
The Time Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia
Searchable database of almost 3,000 species selected for general use in North American horticultural practice, including herbs, bulbs, house plants, wildflowers, and roses.
Virtual Cell
"is a collection of still images, texts and movies covering the structure and functioning of a typical plant cell."
Virtual Garden
A searchable database of plants (pictures and instructions for growing), answers to questions about growing house plants, and instructions for garden projects.
Watermelon Site
Read up on watermelons trivia, learn about the watermelon industry, and visit their watermelon links.
Weed Images and Descriptions
A database of information (including images) of common weeds.
Wisconsin Fast Plants
Information on a variety of plants that can be quickly grown in the classroom. Includes links to other related sites.