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Inuktitut -The Language of the Inuit People
"This educational site offers online lessons in syllabics writing, Inuktitut place-names and topics of cultural interest. Links to related Inuit and Inuktitut sites. Also features an interview with Inuk author Michael Kusugak."
Inuktitut Language Chart
"In the eastern arctic, the Inuit language, Inuktitut, is written using these symbols (called syllabics) to represent different sounds. Missionaries working in Labrador and on Baffin Island developed this system, inspired by Pittman shorthand."
Leo Ussak Elementary School
The first Nunavut school to have its own home page.
Nunatsiaq News Photo Gallery
Black and White and Colour photos that have appeared in the Nunatsiaq News.
"Information Gateway to Nunavut"
The Nunavut Handbook
"The Nunavut Handbook is the essential travelers guide to Canada's central and eastern Arctic, covering the Northwest Territories and the Inuit (Eskimo)." Includes info. on Getting Around, The People, Activities, Land and Wildlife, and Art & Maps. Also has Photos, Audio, Virtual Tour, and Post Cards.
Nunavut Parks
Parks Directory, Parks Map, Activities Chart, Services, FAQ's and more.
Nunavut Planning Commission Home Page
About Nunavut, About NPC, Land Use Planning, Database, Maps... Also has a downloadable copy of the The Nunavut Land Claim Agreement.
Qillak, Cape Dorset Inuit Art Gallery,Arctic, Carvings,Canada
Inuit Carvings, Info. about Cape Dorset, and a few English words translated into Inuktitut.
Welcome to Nunatsiaq News!
"Features the Nunavut and Nunavik editions of Nunatsiaq News, and our sister publication in Iqaluit, Capital News."