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Miscellaneous Music

Allegro: The Music Education Launch Site
"The Music Education Launch Site was created to serve as a launching point for web travelers interested in music and music education. Whether you are a music teacher, an aspiring musician, a music student or just a fun loving web surfer, you will be satsified with your travels once you've launched yourself from The Music Education Launch Site." Has lesson plans, links, and much more.
All Music Guide
an on-line database of recorded music. It contains (among other things) information on more than 200,000 popular albums, 16,000 artist biographies, and 900,000 song titles. Users can search the database by title or by artist in two modes - fast or precision supersearch.
A Really Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Provides answers to common questions.
Canadian Brass
The latest reviews, articles, and biographies on the Canadian Brass.
Canadian Music Periodical Index
"An index to Canadian music periodical literature which provides bibliographic sources for information on all aspects of musical activity in Canada. Updated monthly, the database currently includes more than 25,000 entries indexed from 475 Canadian music journals, newsletters and magazines from the late nineteenth century to the present day."
C. K. Ladzekpo
Info. about this African musician and choreographer and the Anlo-Ewe culture in Africa.
The Classical MIDI files
Classicall music on-line.
Glenn Gould Archive
Here you can listen to several of Gould's performances (some that were broadcasted through radio), view his archival papers (compositions, letters, concert posters...), and examine biographical chronologies. Additionally there are lists of writings about Gould, works of art and poetry inspired by him, and links to other related internet sites.
Grossology Sing Along
Gross variations of classic songs.
Historical Anthology of Canadian Music
"Samplings from the 600-page Historical Anthology of Canadian Music (HACM) volume now being developed by the Canadian Musical Heritage Society (CMHS) ". Includes some sound samples.
International Lyrics Server
Searchable database of lyrics to over 93,000 songs
Jazz Central Station
Jazz music and information about jazz.
KIDiddles (TM) - Mojo's Musical Mouseum
" a place where you can find the lyrics to your favorite kids' songs, send out a request for a long lost song, or maybe help somebody else find the one they're looking for."
Pentatonic Music Collection
Consists of songs and compositions in which the notes of the melody are confined to do, re, mi, so, and la making them suitable for less able or younger students. Songs are categorized for easier access. There are also teaching ideas and activities.
Jazz Canadiana
Explains jazz terms and styles, information on upcoming jazz festivals, reviews of jazz preformances, artist profiles and how to get in touch with them, and more in the world of jazz.
Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel - Musical Dice Game
An online version of a game Mozart invented to compose a minuet.
The latest music information and links (aka- what kids are listening to and watching)
Search Engine strictly for music.
Info, sounds, and links on what's new in music.
Percussion Education Online
Articles and discussion.
Percussion Folktales
A list of references to sources of stories involving percussion.
Primal Beat
Canadian music awards information, as well as online videos and other info.
Solid Brass
Information and tour schedules on this brass group featuring some of New York's finest musicians.
The Virtual Music Classroom
Learn about composers, sing a song, and try some listening activities.
World Records (music search engine)