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Music Lesson Plan Resources

Fine Arts K-7 IRP
"The Integrated Resource Package (IRP) combines four key elements of learning to form a functional curriculum overview document. IRPs provide the basic information that teachers will require in order to implement the curriculum."
Instrumental Music Educator Resources
Resources for music educators
Music Net - the online guide to music education
Music education resource site.
The Music Education Launch Site
On-Site games and educational music material
Music Education Resource Base
This WWW site contains a bibliographic database of more than 27,000 articles in music and music education from Canadian and International journals. The database, covering the period from 1956 onward, can be searched by the article's subject, title, or author. Information presented from a search includes article title, author(s), journal, volume/number, date, and pages.
Trouble With Treble
"Trouble with Treble focuses on grade 4 expectations from the Ontario Curriculum - 1998. The specific expectations covered are: recognize that the treble clef defines the names of the lines (e,g,b,d,f) and spaces (f,a,c,e) on the staff; recognize that specific pitches may be represented by notes placed on a staff; and identify whole notes, half-notes, quarter-notes, and eighth-notes, and their corresponding rests in 4/4 time." This is an excellent visual resource that also has worksheets.