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Multiple Intelligences

Exploring Multiple Intelligences
Overview, Lesson Ideas, Training Opportunities, Books, Articles, Links, and more.
"provides an efficient method of obtaining a descriptive assessment of a student's multiple intelligence profile. The MIDAS is a self report measure of intellectual disposition and may be completed by either the child or a parent. Materials are available that can be used to enhance study skills, self knowledge, instructional approaches, curriculum planning and career development."
Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Ways of Knowing: Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Extend and Enhance Student Learning. An article by Marian S. Beckman, Ed.D..
Multiple Intelligences: Theory and Practice in the K-12 Classroom
"The following citations address the topic of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, including both the theory and its application in the K-12 classroom.This bibliography does not represent an exhaustive review of the literature on the topic, but merely an introductory exploration of available information."
Teaching Seven Ways on the Web - Multiple Intelligences
Links to sites that support the seven intelligences.
The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) Edweb site
The Theory of Multiple Intelligences