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Promoting Multiculturality

The Canadian Council for Multicultural and Intercultural Education
"Is an educational non-governmental organization, which promotes equitable treatment, positive recognition and consideration to all individuals of all cultures and backgrounds..." This site provides related information on reforms, resources, events, links and more.
Children of Immigrants - How Do They Fare?
discusses the impact of being a child of parents who are immigrants to Canada. The theme focuses on whether children of immigrant parents have a more difficult or easier time achieving success in Canadian society than children of Canadian born parents.
Literary Resources -- Ethnicities and Nationalities
Collection of links to pages that promote diversity through literature.
Making Multicultural Connections Through Trade Books
Using multicultural books with children that focus both on specific cultures and on the universality of human experience
Oh Canada!
"This page will attempt to define what it is to be Canadian. This page will attempt to define our multicultural fabric, to define our history and to define our symbols and our values."
Pathways to Diversity on the WWW
Using the Internet to Find Multicultural and Diversity Resources
Racism. Stop It!
Resource materials for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21), including Teachers Guides, are instantly downloadable through this website. Hard copies can also be ordered here.