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Misc. Physical Science Resources

Albert Einstein Online
Links to Einstein photographs, biographies, and explanations of relativity theory.
Amusement Park Physics
Learn how physics lasws affect amusement park ride design. You even have a chance to find out by designing your own roller coaster.
Simple explanation of chemistry terms as well as fun activities to learn them
Roller Coasters
Find out about the physics behind roller coasters and related links
Physical Science Activity Manual
"This Manual contains 34 hands-on chemistry & Physics activities that can be downloaded in either MAC (MS WORD) or Windows (Wordperfect) versions. The manual is neither a lab manual nor a series of lesson plans. Rather, it provides the teacher with background information and a collection of student-centered activities which s/he can adapt to local conditions."
Information on the science behind fireworks. Also includes many photos and links to other related sites.
Quantum Cat Lesson Links
Physical Science lessons for K-8 students.
The Science Center
Lesson plans and activities for teachers and students of chemistry.